The Canadian Federation of University Women Sherbrooke & District ( CFUW,Sherbrooke & District) is a member club of CFUW National, a not-for-profit, non-partisan corporation with over 100 clubs located in every province across Canada.

​For almost 50 years, the objectives CFUW Sherbooke & District club have been to advocate for the improvement of the status of women and girls, learn from a variety of speakers at General meetings, participate in interest group activities throughout the year and support scholarships and bursaries offered by the Lampe Foundation.

For further information check out our Facebook page or send a message requesting information on the contact page.


  • Our club welcomes women of all ages and from all walks of life and appreciate their varied life experiences that they bring to the club.
  • To inquire about membership, please contact Heather Bowman, Membership Chair at cfuwsherbrooke@gmail.com.
  • Membership Dues:  we will be discussing the dues at our meeting on March 21st so will have a new number after that time – at the moment they are $85 for members under 65 and $80 for members 65 plus.